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Never Give Up

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Name: Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
Family: Paloma (daughter), Luis (son), Theresa (daughter), Miguel (son), Antonio (son- RIP), Martin (my husband who is missing but I know he will come back).
About Me: It's been rough since my husband Martin disappeared years ago, I had to send my baby Paloma away to be raised by my sister in Mexico. Everyone in Harmony believes he is dead, and my friends think I should move on to a new love interest. But I know he will come back to me someday, I just have this gut feeling that he is out there somewhere, trying to get back to me. Anyway I enjoy spending time with my family, I have 3 precious grandchildren, Little Ethan, Little Martin, and Maria Ivy who I love spending every minute with. I also enjoy cooking, I worked at the Crane mansion for years until recently when Rebecca fired me. I don't like to say mean things about people, but something about the Cranes (other than Sheridan) I just don't like.

This is not Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald's livejournal. This journal is part of a Passions role playing game. This journal is fake. This journal is in no way, shape, or form meant to harm the actor or actress who plays this character on Passions. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. See the community pssnsrpg for more information about the Passions role playing game.